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CVS and Aetna to launch social care network

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

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CVS Health將要推出新的網絡平台,為最脆弱的患者提供當地的社會關懷及護理協助。

CVS Health is rolling out a network to provide its most vulnerable patients with access to local support for their social care needs.

CVS週三宣布,它將與社會關懷及護理協助平台提供商 - Unite Us合作,推出一個平台並讓通過保險機構Aetna所覆蓋的醫療補助卡和雙重資格的受益人,更容易地找到當地的社會關懷及護理協助。

The retail healthcare giant announced on Wednesday it will collaborate with social care coordinator platform provider Unite Us to launch a platform that will allow Medicaid and dual-eligible beneficiaries covered through its insurance arm Aetna to more easily find and access help from social care providers within their communities.

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