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Covered California Begins 2022 With a Record!

Covered California Begins 2022 With a Record!

加州健保以創記錄開啟 2022 年!

The record-high number of enrollees is being made possible by the American Rescue Plan, the federal response to the pandemic, which expanded the amount of financial help available to consumers. The law builds on the Affordable Care Act and work done in California, where Gov. Newsom and the Legislature established a state subsidy program that provided more financial help and — for the first time — extended it to middle-income consumers. Due to the American Rescue Plan, two-thirds of Covered California enrollees are eligible to get coverage from a brand-name plan for 2022 for $10 or less per month. In addition, financial help for middle-income consumers is lowering many of their premiums by hundreds of dollars every month.

美國救援計劃(American Rescue Plan)是聯邦政府對疫情的回應,它增加了向消費者提供的經濟援助額度,這使參保人數創歷史新高。該法案建立在《平價醫療法案》和加州所做工作的基礎上,根據此法案,州長紐森和立法機構在加州建立了一項州補貼計劃,提供了更多經濟援助,並首次將其擴展到中等收入消費者。由於美國救援計劃,三分之二的加州健保參保者有資格以每月 10 美元或更低的保費價格從 2022 年的知名保險公司計劃中獲得保障。此外,對中等收入消費者的經濟援助使他們中許多人的保費每月降低數百美元。

But what is Covered California? 什麼是加州健保?

It's California's health insurance marketplace. With this program, Californians can get high-quality insurance coverage from top insurance companies through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. With financial assistance and tax credits, you can find affordable health insurance plans.


Who is eligible? 誰符合資格?

Your financial assistance eligibility will be determined by the federal poverty level (FPL). These levels are set by the Federal Government.

您的經濟援助資格將由聯邦貧困線 (FPL) 決定。這些級別是由聯邦政府設定的。

Health insurance premiums are based on: 健康保險保費是根據以下因素決定的:

  • Your age 年齡

  • Your ZIP code 郵政編碼

  • Your household size 家庭人數

  • Your projected household income 預計的家庭收入

  • The health plan and benefit level you select 選擇的健康保險計劃和福利級別

Can I still apply? 什麼時候可以申請?

Open Enrollment for Covered California is available until January 31, 2022.


However, if you have recently experienced a qualifying life event, you can enroll at any time of the year. Qualifying life events include: 但是,如果您最近經歷了符合條件的生活事件,則可以在一年中的任何時間註冊。符合條件的生活事件包括:

  • Losing health insurance 失去健康保險

  • Moving to or within California 搬到加州或在加州之內

  • Being released from prison 從監獄獲釋

  • Getting married 結婚

  • Having a baby 生子

Request NOW your FREE Covered California Policy Review, and make sure you are making the best decisions for your health.


Get a quote 獲取報價

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EPIA 公司是一家與法律實體沒有聯繫的私人保險機構。本文中包含的信息基於加州全保官方網站提供的信息。 EPIA 盡力確保所有信息都是最新的,因此對其主要來源公佈的任何錯誤或遺漏信息不承擔任何責任或義務。

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