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How to have the best benefits and affordable premiums

How to have the best benefits and affordable premiums


Open Enrollment is almost ending, but you are still on time to enroll. Today we are going to give you tips on How to best choose your next-year policy.


Get a quote


You’ll want to select the option for “Affordable Care Act plans” when you’re using the shopping tool. But as noted above, if you’re also in need of a short-term plan to cover you until the end of December, you can also get quotes for those plans if you select the option for “short-term plans and alternatives” (keeping in mind that these should be thought of as a bridge plan until your ACA-compliant plan takes effect, rather than a replacement).

當您在使用購物工具時,您需要選擇“平價醫療法案計劃”的選項。 但是如上所述,如果您還需要一個短期計劃來覆蓋您直到12月底,那麼如果您選擇“短期計劃和替代方案”選項,您還可以獲得這些計劃的報價( 請記住,在符合ACA的計劃生效之前,應將這些計劃視為過渡計劃,而不是替代計劃)。

Review plan options, even if you like your current one


For people who are already enrolled in an ACA plan, C it's really important to log in and check if there's a better value, even if you're happy with your current plan.

It can be tempting to skip the whole enrollment rigmarole, especially since you'll just get rolled into the same plan or a similar plan if you do nothing during open enrollment.

Every year, there can be all sorts of changes that affect the kinds of plans available and the costs of those plans. For instance, this year new insurers have entered the marketplace, and premiums have gone down in some states. It's always worth logging in and checking to see what's changed for you and whether it makes sense to switch things up.



但是每年都會有各種變化,這些變化會影響可用計劃的種類以及這些計劃的成本。 例如,今年有新的保險公司進入了市場或是某些州的保費下降了。 登錄並進行檢查是有必要的,從而可以查看您是否有必要換計劃。

Compare estimated yearly costs, not just monthly premiums


It's easy to focus on the monthly premium payment when comparing plans, but don't forget to consider other costs as well.

The premium price is prominently featured when you're looking at plans but look at other costs too. A tool available on and some state marketplaces will calculate "estimated total yearly costs" for you. This takes into account the plan's deductible — how much you have to pay out-of-pocket for covered services before your insurance picks up the tab — and copays, put together with how much health care you expect to use in the coming year.

Yearly cost estimate can be a really useful tool when picking a plan. Trying to figure out that math can be a little bit tricky, especially for people who are not as familiar with health insurance.


當您查看計劃時,保費價格是非常明顯的,但也要考慮其他費用。 HealthCare.gov網站和某些州市場上會提供將為您計算“估計的年度總費用”的工具。 這考慮了該計劃的免賠額(在保險生效之前,您必須自付費用支付有保障的服務)和共付額,以及您希望在來年使用的醫療保健量。

在選擇計劃時,估算年度成本可能是一個非常有用的工具。 但是特別是那些對於健康保險不熟悉的人來說,試圖弄清楚數學可能有點棘手。

Consider how much health care you use


Picking the right insurance plan involves guesswork about how many health issues you're likely to face in the coming year, which could affect the way costs break down. Your age is usually a useful proxy for this, but there's always a lot of unknowns, like a surprise cancer diagnosis or a car accident.

There are basic tradeoffs to consider. You might want to think about, "Do I pay a little bit more each month in a monthly premium knowing that that would mean less out-of-pocket expenses when and if I do need more medical care?". Versus — the other way around — "Let me pay a lower monthly premium because I don't really anticipate needing much care, but I know I'd have this health insurance in case something really catastrophic happens."

Alongside these unknowns, leverage what you do know about your health needs. If you have a doctor you like, or if you know you're going to take a certain prescription drug, look for a plan that covers them.

選擇正確的保險計劃需要對未來一年您可能會遇到多少健康問題進行猜測,這可能會影響費用的分解方式。 根據您的年齡推算通常是一個方法,但是事事難料,例如意外的癌症或車禍。

還有一些權衡。 您可能想考慮一下:“我的保費會按月增長,但我知道當我需要更多醫療服務時,這意味著更少的自付費用?”。相反“我想支付較低的月度保費,因為我真的不需要太多的照料,但是我知道如果有真正災難性的事情發生,我需要這份健康保險。”


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