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To help maintain a safe and productive workplace, employers should adequately train their employees on their obligations under the law and to the company. Employers can develop an effective training program by implementing trainings required by law, as well as trainings that can help employees and supervisors succeed in the workplace.


Sexual Harassment Training

Several states, including California, Connecticut and Maine, require employers to provide sexual harassment training. Check your state law for specific training requirements, including who must be trained, the frequency in which sexual harassment training must be provided, the required content of the program, and record keeping requirements.


Even in states without specific requirements, supervisor and employee training on sexual harassment, along with non-discrimination and anti-retaliation training as discussed below, is a best practice. Many states encourage employers to educate their employees on harassment and discrimination prevention. This type of training can serve to reinforce your company’s commitment to anti-harassment and non-discrimination.

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In every company, Human Resources (HR) training in many employee-related and legally-related topics is mandatory, especially for managers and supervisors. You need to equip your employees to handle their employee relations responsibilities competently and legally.

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