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CalSavers most asked questions

CalSavers most asked questions


1) Can an employer make contributions to CalSavers on behalf of their employees?


No. Employers are not allowed to make contributions on behalf of, or as a match to, employee contributions in this program. If an employer wishes to make contributions to a retirement plan on behalf of their employees, they should explore offering an employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as easy-to-deploy programs for small business 401(k) plans with flexible plan designs that accommodate small to medium employee bases, SEP / SIMPLE IRA programs or Solo 401(k)s in cases of self-employed, freelance or gig workers.

這是不可以的。雇主不可以代表該計劃的員工提交供款或與之相匹配的供款。如果雇主希望代表員工為退休計劃供款,雇主則需要提供自己的退休計劃,例如針對小型公司,比較方便設立的的401(k)計劃,適用於中小型公司員工而提供靈活的退休計劃。SEP / SIMPLE IRA計劃或個人401(k),是為自僱或零工的人而提供的退休計劃。

All of these options would provide participants and employers much more than just a payroll deduction IRA. They deliver the ability to contribute and save more for retirement while allowing the employer to meet state requirements or a retirement program for its employees.


2) How much will it cost my business to enroll my employees in the CalSavers Program?

2) 員工要註冊CalSavers計劃,雇主需要承擔任何費用嗎?

Your employees will pay administration fees to participate in the program. Depending on which investment options they select, your employees will be required to pay an annual fee ranging from 0.825 to 0.95%. The fee will be pulled directly from the assets in their Roth IRA . CalSavers is completely free for employers. There are no employer fees and CalSavers does not allow for employer match contributions.

員工參加該退休計劃需要支付管理費用。根據員工選擇的投資項目,員工將需要支付0.825%至0.95%的年費。費用將直接從員工的Roth IRA帳戶扣除。 CalSavers退休計劃對雇主來說是完全免費的。雇主不需要負擔任何費用,並且CalSavers也不允許雇主提供匹配供款。

However, the employer will be required to sink administrative effort when enrolling their employees and will have fewer options to customize their savings accounts to better fit their conditions.


3) How do I communicate to our employees about CalSavers?


Employers must remain neutral about their employees' participation in CalSavers. You will be provided with an email template at the time of your registration that you may share with your employees to inform them that CalSavers will reach out to them. Your employees will be contacted directly by the Program with all necessary information. If they have any questions or wish to make any changes to their account, they should directly contact the program.


However, do not provide advice if your employee asks you for it. Simply direct them to the CalSavers website or have them contact Client Services through phone or e-mail for any information.


4) As an employer, what am I responsible for in the CalSavers' Enrollment process?


The employer is responsible for registering for the Program, providing basic employee roster information to the Program for eligible employees (name, date of birth, Social Security Number or ITIN, and contact information), and facilitating by payroll deduction the appropriate contributions for each pay cycle. That's it. Note that all information provided is received and maintained in a secure environment.


If you have more questions about insurance, feel free to contact us!


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