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CCSB: Covered CA for Small Business

CCSB: Covered CA for Small Business


CCSB, formerly known as the Small Business Health Options (SHOP) program, allows small businesses throughout California to take advantage of a competitive marketplace that enables employee choice of coverage and access to the doctors and hospitals they prefer when purchasing insurance for their employees.

CCSB,以前稱為小型公司健康選擇 (SHOP) 計劃,它允許整個加州的小型公司利用競爭激烈的市場,使雇主可以在為員工購買保險時,選擇保障範圍並選擇他們喜歡的醫生和醫院.

While offering health insurance to employees is mandatory only for businesses with more than 50 employees, CCSB offers health and dental coverage options for small businesses with 1 to 100 employees.

雖然只有超過50人員工的公司才必須向員工提供健康保險,但CCS 為員工人數為1到100人的小型公司提供健康和牙科保險。

CCSB offers valuable advantages to California small businesses, including:


  • Choice of multiple insurance and health plans provides employees access to a broader choice of physician networks and hospitals not offered through traditional single-carrier models. 多種保險和健康計劃的選擇為員工提供了更廣泛的醫生網絡和醫院選擇,這是傳統單運營商模式無法提供的。

  • Provide employees with a choice of EPO, HMO, and PPO health plans from Blue Shield of California, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, Oscar, and Sharp. 為員工提供來自加州藍盾、健康網、凱撒醫療、奧斯卡健康保險和夏普健康計劃 的 EPO、HMO 和 PPO 健康計劃的選擇。

  • Help control health care costs and reduce administrative overhead while offering employees a broader choice of health plan coverage options. 幫助控制醫療保健成本並減少管理開銷,同時為員工提供更廣泛的健康計劃保障選項。

  • Improve employee satisfaction by allowing employees to choose the health plan and physician network that works best for them. 通過允許員工選擇最適合他們的健康計劃和醫生網絡來提高員工滿意度。

  • The convenience of one consolidated monthly bill even while purchasing coverage from multiple carriers. 即使從多個運營商處購買保險,也能享受一份合併的月結單的便利性。

  • Tax credits for qualifying small businesses to help offset the cost of providing health insurance to employees. 為符合條件的小公司提供稅收抵免,以幫助抵消為員工提供健康保險的成本。

Benefits for your business:


  • The MyCCSB portal enables you to complete the initial enrollment process all online. MyCCSB網站使您能夠完全在線完成初始註冊過程。

  • Billing is simple, with all health insurance premiums on one consolidated monthly invoice. 賬單淺顯易懂,所有的健康保險費用都在一張合併的月結單上。

  • Federal tax credits to lower the cost of coverage are available to qualifying small businesses. 符合條件的小型公司可以獲得聯邦稅收抵免,以降低保險成本。

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