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Does your insurance policy cover all your needs? Learn how to protect your business!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Does your insurance policy cover all your needs? Learn how to protect your business!


Group health members often receive insurance at a reduced cost because the insurer’s risk is spread across a group of policyholders, making it one of the surest ways to save on insurance costs for your business.

團體健康計劃成員通常以較低的費用獲得保險,因為保險公司的風險分散在這一個團體的每一個保單持有人,這是為您的公司節省保險費用的最可靠方法之一。 Check out the requirements for a Group Insurance plan and how can you get the right one for your company's needs.


What should you consider when choosing group coverage? 選擇團體保險時應該注意什麼?

In general, you should consider the following: 一般來說,您應該考慮以下幾點:

  • Your budget 您的預算

  • The demographics of your employees 您員工的人口統計數據

  • The size of your company 公司的規模

  • The industry you operate in 您所在的行業

  • The needs of your team 您團隊的需求

  • The flexibility your group coverage needs to fulfill all of their needs 您的團體保險滿足他們所有需求所需的靈活性

How does one figure out how to budget your group coverage? 如何確定應怎麼去預算您的團體保險?

There are a couple of different ways to estimate it: 有幾種不同的方法計算:

  • Percentage of payroll: Calculate an amount as a percentage of your total monthly and annual payroll that you could spend on group coverage. 工資百分比:計算您可以用於團體保險的金額佔您每月和年度工資總額的百分比。

  • Per employee per month: Calculate how much you could spend per employee per month. Come up with a bottom-line maximum figure without worrying about any variables such as employee contributions or dependent coverage. Based on your budget, you’ll figure out those variables later. 每個員工每月:計算每個員工每月可以花費多少。提出一個底線最高數字,而不必擔心任何變量,例如員工貢獻或受撫養人的保險。根據您的預算,您稍後會找出這些變量。

Cash flow issues are also important to consider when sponsoring group medical coverage. Keep the following cash flow issues in mind: 在讚助團體醫療保險時,現金流問題也很重要。請記住以下現金流量問題:

  • Monthly premium commitment. 每月保費承諾。

  • Grace period. 寬限期。

  • Cancellation/reinstatement. 取消/恢復。

  • Premium increases. 保費增加。

How many individuals must be enrolled to qualify for a group health insurance plan? 必須註冊多少個人才有資格參加團體健康保險計劃?

A business usually needs to have at least one FTE employee in addition to the business owner and his or her spouse to qualify for a group health insurance plan. 除了雇主及其配偶以外,公司通常還需要至少一名全職員工才能有資格獲得團體健康保險計劃。

For employees, the most enticing part of an employer’s health benefits plan isn’t necessarily the coverage for themselves; it’s the opportunity to provide coverage for their families. An employee must first enroll in the group plan for dependents, such as children, to qualify.


We know that different companies have different needs, and you may be overwhelmed by the complexities of American Insurance rules. Benefits enrollment can be a time of confusion and stress for many employers, but it doesn’t have to be. 我們知道不同的公司有不同的需求,您可能會對美國保險規則的複雜性感到不知所措。對於許多雇主來說,註冊員工福利計劃可能是有困惑和壓力的,但是,有很多方法可以幫助雇主迎刃而解。

The good news is that understanding how the right Employee Benefits Policy will improve your company, it's a lot easier than you imagine with the right guidance. EPIA is here to help you along the way! 我們最大的幫助是,雇主可以了解正確的員工福利政策將如何改善您的公司,這在我們的幫助下會容易很多。 EPIA 隨時準備為您提供優質服務!

Download our Employee Benefits Handbook to learn about: 下載我們的員工福利手冊來了解:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity laws 平等就業機會法

  • Wage and Hour Requirements 工資和工時要求

  • Payment and Benefits Requirements 付款和福利要求

  • Health & Safety Compliance 健康與安全合規 and much more! 以及其他更多資訊!

Click here to download 請點擊這裡下載: Source 文章來源:

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