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IRS announces 401(k) limit increases to $20,500

IRS announces 401(k) limit increases to $20,500

美國國稅局宣布 401(k) 限額增加至$20,500美元

Employers are becoming more concerned about their employees' financial well-being. However, encouraging employees to contribute to their retirement accounts has been difficult in the past, and the pandemic hasn't changed that.


The Internal Revenue Service increased the amount individuals can contribute to their 401(k) plans for 2022. The agency made the announcement on November 4th. Individuals can now contribute up to $20,500 (up $1,000 from the cap in 2020 and 2021).

美國國稅局增加了個人可以為其2022年 401(k) 計劃供款的金額。該機構於11月4日宣布了這一消息。個人現在最多可以供款$20,500美元(比2020年和2021年的上限增加$1,000美元)。

The IRS also increased the income thresholds for making deductible IRA contributions, Roth IRA contributions, and claiming the Saver's Credit.

國稅局還提高了可扣除IRA供款、Roth IRA 供款和申請 Saver's Credit 的收入門檻。

The IRS said the limit on yearly contributions to IRAs remains at $6,000.


Employers intent on providing employees the opportunity to better their money management should examine their current finance-related benefits and consider adding new ones, professionals wrote in an opinion.

專業人士在 的意見中寫道,雇主計劃為員工提供更好的資金管理機會,應該檢查他們目前與財務相關的福利,並考慮增加新福利。


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