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Life insurance for immigrants

Immigrant Life Insurance helps immigrants to the United States find affordable life insurance. Finding an insurance company that accepts green card status, visa status, or alien status can be frustrating and difficult.

We have the knowledge and relationships with the right insurance companies to provide the life insurance you need!

Whether you're looking to protect your home, income, mortgage, business or assets, we can help! When a loved one dies, the surviving family members often find themselves unable to pay their debts. Homes, cars, businesses and assets are lost forever. How Important Is Life Insurance For Immigrants? It does not matter if you are a United States citizen, or a legal immigrant, when a loved one in your family dies, having life insurance will be an important financial safety net for your spouse, partner, family, and loved ones. At EPIA, we specialize in helping immigrants in the United States find affordable life insurance options. We are experts in working with insurance companies to provide life insurance protection to immigrants. Immigrants have an important role in the success and financial prosperity of the United States. The immigration process, and who can qualify for certain visas and services, changes with each new administration and the presidency. What does not change is the need for immigrants to have access to the financial protection that life insurance provides. What Kind Of Visa or Documentation do I Need For Life Insurance? There are over 185 different visas created by the government of the United States. This makes it difficult to keep up with all the requirements that insurance companies

put in place to issue life insurance policies to immigrants. What Is The Difference Between a Resident And a Non-resident? A resident of the United States lives in the United States full-time. A non-US resident is someone who does not live in the United States full-time or an individual who lives outside the United States for three or more months a year, every year. You don't have to be a citizen A person’s citizenship is not the sole determining factor whether an individual is a non-US resident. The good news is most people from other countries will be able to purchase life insurance protection for their families and businesses in the United States. Buy Life insurance with specialists! Working with a company like EPIA, which specializes in life insurance for immigrants, will always get you better results rather than working with a non-specialized life insurance agent. You would not take your automobile to a tire store to have them work on the transmission. If your automobile had transmission problems, you would take it to a transmission shop for repair. If your car needed tires, you would take it to a tire shop! Don’t make the mistake of shopping for immigrant life insurance with companies that don’t specialize in helping immigrants all day long. You don’t want to have other insurance agencies submit applications for life insurance for which you will not get approved. If you don’t get approved, or are declined for life insurance policy, it will make it more difficult for you to get life insurance in the future. You want to get this right the first time! Get in touch with us and guarantee the best and most secure coverage!



EPIA inc. is a private Insurance Agency with no ties with legal entities. The information contained in this article is based on information provided by the Medicare Official Website.

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