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Post-pandemic essential information

Post-pandemic essential information


With the pandemic winding down we begin the long process of economic revival but after over a year of abnormal conditions, it's more than understandable if you need all the help you can get to rebuild your finances.


Here is some info to ease the process and make sure you don't miss anything important. 我們為您提供一些資訊,可以幫助簡化流程,並確保您不會錯過任何重要的信息。

Regarding employee retention credit, who is an Eligible Employer?


Eligible Employers for the Employee Retention Credit are employers that carry on a trade or business during the calendar year 2020, including tax-exempt organizations, that either: 符合員工保留抵免資格的雇主是在 2020日曆年內開展貿易或業務的雇主,包括免稅組織,並且:

Fully or partially suspend operation during any calendar quarter in 2020 due to orders from an appropriate governmental authority limiting commerce, travel, or group meetings (for commercial, social, religious, or other purposes) due to COVID-19; or 在 2020日曆年內的任何季度,由於新冠疫情,政府下令限製商業、旅行或團體會議(用於商業、社交、宗教或其他目的)完全或部分暫停營運;或者

Experience a significant decline in gross receipts during the calendar quarter. 在2020日曆年內任何季度,總收入顯著下降。

For how long is COBRA premium assistance available to an Assistance Eligible Individual? COBRA保費援助計劃提供給合格的個人多長時間?

COBRA premium assistance applies until the earliest of the first date the Assistance Eligible Individual becomes eligible for other group health plan coverage (with certain exceptions) or Medicare coverage, the date the individual ceases to be eligible for COBRA continuation coverage, or the end of the last period of coverage beginning on or before September 30, 2021. COBRA 保費援助計劃適用於符合資格的個人獲得其他團體健康計劃保險(某些例外)或聯邦醫療保險(Medicare)的第一個日期,個人不再有資格獲得延續COBRA保險的日期,或在2021年9月30日或之前開始的最後一個承保期。

What does the FSA regard as a Status Change? FSA將什麼視為狀態變化?

A status change is usually a life-changing event such as marriage or birth of a child, where you are allowed to adjust your benefits election within 31 days of the event date. If you experience a qualifying status change, you can change your FSA election via WORKTERRA. Supporting documentation evidencing the occurrence of the status change is required and must be attached along with your new election. Upon approval of the status change, your election will be changed for the remainder of the plan year beginning with the next pay period. 生活狀態的改變通常是人生的大事,例如結婚生子,您可以在發生這些重大事件之日起31天內調整您的福利選擇。如果您有符合資格條件的改變,您可以通過WORKTERRA 更改您的FSA選擇。需要提供證明發生狀態變化的文件,並且也必須在您選擇新的FSA時一起附上。狀態變更獲得批准後,您新的選擇將從下一個支付期開始生效,計劃年度的剩餘時間將變成新的FSA選擇。 Source 文章來源:

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