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What is CalSavers? 什麼是Calsavers退休儲蓄計畫?

After a huge success of our Back2Basics series, we have decided to bring the series back with a new hot topic!

在 Back2Basics 系列講座取得巨大成功後,我們決定開始一個全新的熱門話題系列!

This week our topic is CalSavers and everything you need to know about the program, eligibility, employer’s information and so much more!


But what is CalSavers?


CalSavers is California’s new retirement savings program that will offer millions of workers in California the opportunity to get on track for the future.


CalSavers is available to California workers whose employers don’t offer a workplace retirement plan, self-employed individuals, and others who want to save extra. Savers contribute to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) that belongs to them. Employers that don’t offer their own plan will register for CalSavers by their deadline and facilitate their employees’ access to the Program.

Calsavers退休儲蓄計畫適用於那些僱主不提供工作退休計畫的加州工作者、自僱者和其他希望額外儲蓄的人。儲蓄者向屬於他們 的個人退休帳戶(IRA)存款。沒有提供自己計劃的僱主將在截止日期前註冊退休儲蓄計畫,為員工進入該計劃提供便利。

Am I eligible for the CalSavers?

我有資格加入Calsavers 退休儲蓄計畫嗎?

You can enroll through your employer if they register for the program or sign yourself up. You may be eligible to open and maintain an account if:


- You are employed in the state of California.

-You are 18 or older.

-You have a Social Security Number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.




NOTE: CalSavers accounts are Roth (post-tax) IRAs, and those with higher incomes may not be eligible to contribute. If you earn more than the Roth IRA income limits set by the federal government, you may need to opt-out of CalSavers or recharacterize to a Traditional IRA. Learn more about contribution limits. CalSavers offers savers the option to recharacterize their contributions to a Traditional IRA. You can complete this action online, use this form, or contact Client Services to get the process started.

注:Calsavers 退休儲蓄計畫賬戶為Roth IRAs(稅後),收入較高的用戶可能沒有資格繳納。如果您的收入超過聯邦政府設定的 Roth IRA 收入限制,您可能需要選擇退出退休儲蓄計畫或重新調整為傳統的個人退休帳戶。瞭解更多有關繳納限額的信息。Calsavers 退休儲蓄計畫為儲戶提供了重新定義他們對傳統個人退休帳戶的繳納數額的選擇。您可以線上完成此操作、使用此表單或聯絡客服以啟動此過程。

How do I contribute to my account?


Contributions to your account will be made automatically from each paycheck. You can let the standard account options kick in or personalize your account setting, your own contribution rate and selecting from the investments that are available within CalSavers. Also, we’ve added an automatic increase feature that will increase your savings rate by 1% each year until your savings rate reaches 8%, unless you choose otherwise.

每個薪水都會自動向您的帳戶存入。您可以讓標準帳戶選項啟動或個人化您的帳戶設置、您自己的貢獻率以及從 CalSavers 內可用的投資中進行選擇。此外,我們還增加了一個自動增加功能,將使您的儲蓄率每年增加1%,直到您的儲蓄率達到8%,除非您選擇其他方式。


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