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Covid-19 Delta variant: Updating your Policy

Covid-19 Delta variant: Updating your Policy


Workplace safety guidelines from federal, state, and local authorities are rapidly changing in response to the highly transmittable COVID-19 Delta variant, and employers may want to update their policies accordingly.


Los Angeles County health officials are again strongly recommending that people wear masks indoors, even if they have been vaccinated, in light of the spread of the Delta variant. But at this point, the county appears to be the exception among most U.S. municipalities and employers, employment attorneys said. Employers may consider reinstituting mask requirements if they are in affected areas.


President Joe Biden announced on July 29 that federal employees are required to confirm that they are vaccinated against the coronavirus or submit to frequent testing for COVID-19.


He also announced that employers covered by the American Rescue Plan will be reimbursed for providing employees paid time off to take their family members to get vaccinated.


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