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How does a 401(k) plan work?

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You decide how much you want to contribute, and your employer puts the money into your individual account on your behalf. The investment happens through payroll deduction: You decide what percentage of your salary you'd like to contribute and, from then on, that amount comes straight out of your paycheck and goes into your account automatically. 您能自行決定放入多少款項至您的401k退休福利帳戶內,然後雇主代表您將這筆錢存入。此款項將從您的工資中自動扣除,首先您先決定此款項為您目前工資多少百分比,之後每月將從您的工資內直接提取該款項後,自動轉到您的401(k)退休福利帳戶內。

Your company serves as the "plan sponsor" for the 401(k), but it doesn't have anything to do with investing the money. Instead, the plan sponsor hires another company to administer the plan and its investments. 您所在的公司將為此401k退休福利計畫的投資者,但卻不會操作關於投資的項目,您的公司將雇用另一間公司來負責管理此退休福利計劃以及相關投資的項目。

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