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Medicare and Medicaid to cover early COVID-19 vaccine under “emergency authorization” at no cost.

Medicare and Medicaid to cover early COVID-19 vaccine under “emergency authorization” at no cost.


The Federal government will announce this week a plan to cover the out-of-pocket costs of Covid-19 vaccines for millions of Americans who receive Medicare or Medicaid emergency use authorization from the FDA, which is a change from current policy, said four people with knowledge of the pending announcement. At least two Covid-19 vaccine developers have said they plan to apply for an emergency use authorization before the end of the year. The administration is “working to ensure that no American has to pay for the vaccine,” said one official. The administration's planned rule also will address other Covid-19-related issues, like expanding flexibility for Medicaid patients seeking care for the coronavirus, two people familiar with the plan said.



一位官員說,美國政府正在“努力確保每位美國人能夠獲得免費疫苗”。兩位知情人士稱,政府的計劃規則還將解決與Covid-19相關的其他問題,例如為尋求冠狀病毒治療的Medicaid患者提供更多機會。 When could you get your shots? 什麼時候可以注射?

Gov. Gavin Newsom made a statement last week for anyone hoping to get the vaccine in 2020: the majority of Californians will likely have to wait to get vaccinated until the second half of 2021.

Though the President has promised a vaccine in the coming weeks, the California Department of Public Health’s draft COVID-19 vaccination planning report pushes the general public into the last stages of distribution.

Though Moderna and Pfizer are optimistic they can produce a vaccine the end of the year, the distribution will be a logistically challenging process.

Newsom said the initial supply will cover only about 1 to 1.5 million Californians, a sliver of the roughly 40 million people who call the Golden State home.

Understand the phases of distribution:


2. ‘CRITICAL POPULATIONS’: at-risk people and essential workers who couldn’t get vaccinated during the first round, nursing homes employees, correctional facilities, those with disabilities and underserved Latino, Black and rural communities.

3. EVERYONE ELSE: “open access to vaccination” phase, when enough vaccines will be available for the entire population.

州長加Gavin Newsom上周向所有希望在2020年獲得疫苗的人發表聲明:大多數加利福尼亞人可能不得不等到2021年下半年才可以開始接種疫苗。



Newsom說,最初的供應量將僅覆蓋大約1至1.5萬million 加利福尼亞人,這在約有4000萬人稱為Golden State的加州只占一小部分。




3.其他每個人:在“開放接種”階段,屆時將為整個人群提供足夠的疫苗。 Source:

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