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OSHA releases sample policies for vaccination ETS compliance

OSHA releases sample policies for vaccination ETS compliance


OSHA provided two sample policies for employers to comply with the temporary standard on COVID-19 vaccination that was released on Nov. 4. One mandates immunization, while another allows employees to opt for weekly testing and masking rather than vaccination.


The sample policies show how looks the documentation that all employees must provide, regardless of vaccination status.


According to standards, employers need to collect all information within 30 days after the ETS's release.

Also, the regulations give example explanations regarding leave time to receive vaccination and recover from vaccination if employees require it.


The mandatory vaccine policy sample also points out that certain employees who would otherwise require a vaccine may be exempted, such as if the vaccine is contraindicated, if an employee has a disability, or if they have a sincerely held religious belief that prevents them from receiving a vaccine.


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