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Types of Employee Benefits and Perks

The following are compensation and benefits that employers are required by federal or state law to provide. Be sure to confirm what is required in your state 以下是聯邦法或是洲法要求雇主,需提供的補償或是福利,請與專員確認您所在的洲法的詳細法規:

1. Consolidated Omni-Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) 離職後的員工醫療保險計畫

2. Disability & Workers Compensation 殘障及工傷賠償

3. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 家庭及醫療休假

4. Minimum Wage 最低工資

5. Overtime 超時工資

6. Unemployment Benefits 失業救助金


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