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What Is a 401(k) Plan?

What Is a 401(k) Plan? A 401(k) plan is a tax-advantaged, defined-contribution retirement account offered by many employers to their employees.

什麼是401(k)退休福利計劃? 401(k) 退休福利計劃是雇主向其員工所提供稅收優惠的定期存款退休帳戶。

What is the contribution maximum? The maximum amount that an employee or employer can contribute to a 401(k) plan is adjusted periodically to account for inflation. As of 2019, the basic limits on employee contributions are $19,000 per year for workers under age 50 and $25,000 for those 50 and up

401(k)退休計畫的存款上限為? 員工或是雇主每年能存款至401(k)退休福利計畫的存款金額上限,將會以每年的通貨膨脹費率而進行調整,而2019年的存款金額上限為:50歲以下的員工可繳最多美金$19,000,50歲以上的員工則可繳最多美金$25,000。

How to withdrawals from a 401(k) plan? Both traditional and Roth 401(k) owners must be at least age 59½—or meet other criteria spelled out by the IRS, such as being totally and permanently disabled—when they start to make withdrawals. Otherwise, they will face an additional 10% early-distribution penalty tax on top of any other tax they owe.

如何從401(k)退休計畫內取款? 在傳統401(k)或是羅斯401(k)退休福利計畫內提款時,需年滿59½歲或符合美國國稅局規定的其他條件,例如完全永久喪失工作能力,否則則須繳交稅款以及繳交10%的罰款。


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