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What is a copay?

Understanding health care can be confusing. That's why it's helpful to know the meaning of commonly used terms such as copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. 眾多的常用醫療術語讓醫療保險變得很難理解,因此先了解了這些常用術語,如:掛號費/定額手續費、共同承擔額、自付額等等,則能更加瞭解您的醫療保險內的保額內容。

What is a copay? 什麼是掛號費/定額手續費?

A copay (or copayment) is a flat fee that you pay on the spot each time you go to your doctor or fill a prescription. For example, if you hurt your back and go see your doctor, or you need a refill of your child's asthma medicine, the amount you pay for that visit or medicine is your copay. Your copay amount is printed right on your health plan ID card. Copays cover your portion of the cost of a doctor's visit or medication. 掛號費/定額手續費是您每次去看醫生或拿處方藥時需立即支付的固定費用。例如:您傷了腰而去看醫生,或者您需要補充孩子的哮喘藥物,那麼您當時所給付的就診費用或支付的藥物費用就是您的掛號費/定額手續費。您的掛號費/定額手續費額度將會印在您的醫療計畫ID卡上。

Do I always have a copay? 我總是需要支付掛號費/定額手續費?

Not necessarily. Not all plans use copays to share in the cost of covered expenses. Or, some plans may use both copays and a deductible/coinsurance, depending on the type of covered service. Also, some services may be covered at no out-of-pocket cost to you, such as annual checkups and certain other preventive care services. 不一定是,並非所有醫療計劃都使用支付掛號費/定額手續費來分擔承保費用。某些計劃可能會同時使用支付掛號費/定額手續費和自付額/共同承擔額,具體取決於承保醫療服務的類型。另外,某些醫療務可能不會收取費用,例如年度檢查和某些預防性護理醫療服務。


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