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Your Medicare options - Part 2

When you first sign up for Medicare, and during certain times of the year, you can choose how you get your Medicare coverage.

Medicare drug coverage (also known as Part D)

How does Medicare drug coverage work?

Medicare drug coverage (Part D) helps pay for prescription drugs you need. It's optional and offered to everyone with Medicare. Even if you don’t take prescription drugs now, consider getting Medicare drug coverage.

If you decide not to get it when you’re first eligible, and you don’t have other creditable prescription drug coverage (like drug coverage from an employer or union) or get Extra Help, you’ll likely pay a late enrollment penalty if you join a plan later. Generally, you’ll pay this penalty for as long as you have Medicare drug coverage.

To get Medicare drug coverage, you must join a Medicare-approved plan that offers drug coverage.

Each plan can vary in cost and specific drugs covered.

1. Medicare drug plans. These plans add Medicare drug coverage (Part D) to Original Medicare, some Medicare Cost Plans, some Medicare Advantage Private Fee-for-Service plans, and Medicare Advantage Medical Savings Account plans. You must have Part A and/or Part B to join a separate Medicare drug plan.

2. Medicare Advantage Plans or other Medicare health plans with drug coverage. You get your Part A, Part B, and Medicare drug coverage (Part D) through these plans. Remember, you must have Part A and Part B to join a Medicare Advantage Plan, and not all Medicare Advantage Plans offer drug coverage.

Know what are the best options to cover everything you need, Medicare drugs plan, and special cases.

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EPIA inc. is a private Insurance Agency with no ties with legal entities. The information contained in this article is based on information provided by the Medicare Official Website.

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