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COVID19 Paid Sick Leave FAQ Part 2

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – FAQs on laws enforced by the California Labor Commissioner’s Office 新型冠狀病毒: 加洲勞工部法律問與答

Can an employer require a worker who is quarantined to exhaust paid sick leave?


The employer cannot require that the worker use paid sick leave; that is the worker’s choice. If the worker decides to use paid sick leave, the employer can require they take a minimum of two hours of paid sick leave. The determination of how much paid sick leave will be used is up to the employee.


What options do I have if my child's school or day care closes for reasons related to COVID-19?


Employees should discuss their options with their employers. There may be paid sick leave or other paid leave that is available to employees. Employees at worksites with 25 or more employees may also be provided up to 40 hours of leave per year for specific school-related emergencies, such as the closure of a child's school or day care by civil authorities (see Labor Code section 230.8). Whether that leave is paid or unpaid depends on the employer’s paid leave, vacation or other paid time off policies. Employers may require employees use their vacation or paid time off benefits before they are allowed to take unpaid leave, but cannot mandate that employees use paid sick leave. However, a parent may choose to use any available paid sick leave to be with their child as preventative care.



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