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Employee Benefits Glossary

Employee Benefits Glossary


Understanding the terms of your employee benefits can be helpful, especially when you're trying to find the best coverage for your business and your employees.


We gathered a few of the most common terms you will find in your policy so you can be well informed to make the best decision for your company. Check it out!


Defined Benefit Plans 固定收益計劃

Defined Benefit Pension Plans provide employees with guaranteed retirement benefits based on benefit formulas. A participant's retirement age, length of service, and preretirement earnings may affect the benefits received. Definitions, key provisions, and related terms follow. 固定收益養老金計劃根據收益公式為員工提供有保障的退休福利。參與計劃員工的退休年齡,工作年限和退休前收入,都可能會影響獲得的福利。以下是定義,關鍵條款和相關術語。

Defined contribution plans 固定供款計劃

Defined contribution plans are retirement plans that specify the level of employer contributions and place those contributions into individual employee accounts. 固定供款計劃是規定雇主供款一定的額度,並將供款存入員工個人退休帳戶的一種退休計劃。

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) 健康維護機構(HMOs)

HMOs assumes both the financial risks associated with providing comprehensive medical services and the responsibility for delivering health care in a particular geographic area, usually in return for a fixed, prepaid fee from members. HMOs emphasize preventive care and cover most types of care in full or subject to a copayment. HMO承擔和提供綜合醫療服務相關的財務風險,並承擔在特定區域內提供醫療保健的保障,通常是向會員收取固定的預付費用。HMO強調預防護理,並包含了全部費用或自付門診費的大多數護理類型。

Traditional HMOs. An HMO that provides no benefits for services obtained outside the network. 傳統的HMO是不為網外獲得的服務提供任何的保障。

Open access HMOs. An HMO that allows enrollees to receive services outside the network, but at higher costs. The additional costs may be in the form of higher deductibles, copayments, or coinsurance. 開放式HMO允許投保人在網外獲得服務,但費用較高。額外費用可能更高的自付額,門診費,或共同保險的形式。

Health savings accounts (HSAs) 健康儲蓄帳戶(HSAs)

Portable accounts owned by employees and used to pay for medical expenses with tax-exempt contributions. HSAs are used in combination with employer-provided high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) with annual maximum limits on out-of-pocket and deductible expenses. Other features include the rollover of unused contributions from year to year and tax-free interest. 是員工擁有的用於支付醫療費用的免稅帳戶。HSA是雇主提供的年度最高自付額保險和可扣除費用(HDHP)合併使用,以及其他特性還包括逐年未使用供款的結轉和免稅利息

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