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How life insurance companies treat pandemics

How life insurance companies treat pandemics


Life insurance offers financial protection for your loved ones in the event that you die unexpectedly. When a pandemic becomes world news, you may start to consider the necessity of purchasing a policy or wonder how news of an outbreak might shape the policy you already have. "人壽保險可在您意外死亡時,為您的親人提供必要的未來財務保護。當大型流行病開始蔓延全球時,您可能會開始考慮購買人壽保單的必要性,或者想知道疫情爆將會如何影響您已經擁有的人壽保單。"

How stay at home mandates could affect your application


If you are quarantininig in a state other than the state you permanently reside in, this could have implications for your residency on your life insurance application. Some life insurance companies are requiring that your paperwork match the state you are currently in, even if it is not the state you actually reside in. Others are still accepting paperwork for the state you permanently reside in.


The life insurance medical exam


Medical examiners are taking extra precautions during the coronavirus outbreak. They’ve modified their scheduling capacity to ensure the safety of their staff and each individual taking the medical exam while proactively taking all necessary precautions to protect against the spread of the coronavirus, such as washing hands with soap and water. Alongside this, all examiners are required to protective equipment such as gloves and masks covering the nose and mouth.



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