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Is there still a penalty for being uninsured?

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Is there still a penalty for being uninsured?


Because of the health care law, you might receive some forms early in the year providing information about the health coverage you had or were offered in the previous year. California have individual mandate penalties as of 2020.


Open enrollment permanently extended in California

New schedule is permanent, so enrollment in Covered California will last for 3.5 months each year, running from October 15 through January 31.



Special enrollment period through April 30 for people who didn’t know about state subsidies and/or individual mandate

"Although open enrollment has ended for 2020 coverage, Covered California is granting a special enrollment period, through April 30, for people who didn’t know about the state’s new premium subsidies and/or the state’s new individual mandate. The special enrollment period will allow people who are uninsured to enroll in a plan through Covered California, and it will also allow people with off-exchange coverage to transition to on-exchange coverage"



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