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What The Trump Home Dialysis Plan Would Really Look Like

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

如果法令決策者採取行動,那些患有嚴重腎病的老年人,多數將會轉成居家治療管理。川普政府 於七月在行政命令中明確指出,希望能從根本上改變美國腎病患者的治療管理方式。

If policymakers have their way, older adults with serious, irreversible kidney disease will increasingly turn to home dialysis. In July, the Trump administration made that clear in an executive order meant to fundamentally alter how patients with kidney disease are managed in the U.S.

改變目前約726,000名患有終末期腎病病患的治療護理方式將是首要任務。在這些患者中,88%在醫療中心接受治療,而12%接受居家治療管理。 Changing care for the sickest patients — about 726,000 people with end-stage kidney disease — is a top priority. Of these patients, 88% receive treatment in dialysis centers and 12% get home dialysis.


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