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NBGH: 6 employer open enrollment trends to watch

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In the lead-up to open enrollment, the National Business Group on Health (NBGH) has identified six trends for employers to watch as workers gear up to choose their health benefits. Here’s a look at each of the six trends identified by NBGH:

1. 醫保成本提高的幅度相對比工資成本漲幅大。Cost increases are likely modest—but still higher than wage growth

2. 雇主將提供更多元的醫保計畫選擇。Employers are offering more plan choices

3. 虛擬診療計畫選擇逐漸增加。There's a growing number of virtual care options

4. 醫療方面的選擇判斷開始依賴新科技。The interest in tech extends to decision support

5. 精神心理診療福利也逐漸增加。Mental health benefits are expanding, too

6. 雇主將更加重視眼部保健。 Employers eye care quality

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