What should employers take away from the latest federal COVID-19 plan? – Part 2

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What should employers take away from the latest federal COVID-19 plan? – Part 2

第二部分: 雇主從最新的聯邦 COVID-19計劃中獲得什麼?

U.S. organizations have joined the momentum to reopen physical workspaces after more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier in March, the Federal administration laid out a plan titled the National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan that, in part, sought to clarify the government's approach to supporting those efforts. Check out part 2.

經歷了兩年多新冠肺炎疫情之後,美國政府準備讓各大小機構重返實體工作空間的趨勢。三月初,聯邦政府制定了一項名為"國家 COVID-19 準備計劃",該計劃列出政府支持下的成果。請查看第二部分。

Funding for COVID-19 testing, treatments

為 COVID-19 檢測、治療提供資金

In January, the administration announced the purchase of at-home, rapid COVID-19 tests kits to be delivered directly to U.S. households. Its latest plan includes a proposal to expand on that initiative by setting up "One Stop Test to Treat" locations at which the public will be able to receive free testing as well as free antiviral treatment pills.

在一月份, 美國政府宣佈將提供新冠肺炎快速檢測試劑供市民在家測試, 並直接送到市民府上。此新計劃還包括一項提案, 設立"一站式測試治療站"供大眾於該地點接受免費測試以及免費的抗病毒治療藥物。

Preparing for future variants


Other elements of the plan have less direct impact on employers but layout additional steps the administration may seek to address potential new COVID-19 variants, such as data collection, sequencing, wastewater surveillance, and response playbooks.

該計劃的其他主要因素對雇主的直接影響較小, 政府尋求解決潛藏變異的新冠肺炎的其他步驟。例如數據收集, 排序, 廢水監測和響應手冊。

Each of these components may serve to reassure employers in the event of another outbreak, but the current moment provides an important opportunity for employers to formulate their own contingencies.

如果再次有社區爆發, 這些資料在當務之急下為雇主制定了應急措施的重要機會, 令雇主得以安心。

The big thing for employers to do now is to use this lull to plan so that they can be ready if and when there is a new wave. Employers being ready for this actually makes their employees feel substantially more confident.

雇主現階段最需要做的一件事, 應利用現在安穩時期來製定計劃, 為未來的衝擊作好提前準備。若雇主能為僱員作好準備, 必能令員工感到信心滿滿。

To that end, specialists advise employers to be transparent with workers about these preparations and mitigation strategies, some of which they say may not be well-publicized or recognized.

為此, 專家建議雇主應該把這些準備和緩解策略保持透明度, 避免被說沒有得到廣泛宣傳或認可。

That is not always an easy task around topics such as masking, particularly given evolving guidelines from the CDC and other public health authorities. Employers tend to rely on the CDC in particular as a "north star" for their own policies, but public health guidance could be met with apprehension from employees.

有些項目從來都不是一件容易處理的事,就如佩戴口罩 - 必須考慮到 CDC 和其他公共衛生局不斷提供的新指引方針。雇主經常依照美國疾病管制與預防中心的指引作為宗旨,但此公共衛生指引有可能會引起員工擔憂。

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