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Covered California - Special Enrollment Period Extended through July 31, 2020.

Covered California - Special Enrollment Period Extended through July 31, 2020.


Covered California just announced the extension of their COVID-19 Special Enrollment Period (SEP) through July 31, 2020. This extension applies to both on-exchange and off-exchange enrollment. You can continue to enroll any uninsured and eligible client in a Blue Shield off-exchange plan through July 31.

This QLE only applies to new enrollments, and retroactive coverage dates are not offered. If the clients decide to take advantage of this QLE, they may still have to pay a prorated penalty for the time they did not have coverage depending on when the enrollment becomes effective.


此QLE僅適用於新的註冊,並且不提供追溯保險日期。 如果客戶決定利用此QLE,則根據註冊生效的時間,他們可能仍需要為他們沒有覆蓋的時間按比例分配罰款。

Applications and effective dates:

If you submitted your application between June 1-20, your coverage effective date will be July 1st. If you submitted between July 1-31, it will be effective on August 1st.


如果您在6月1日至20日之間提交了申請,則承保生效日期為7月1日。 如果您在7月1日至31日之間提交,則該申請將於8月1日生效。

Additional benefits for members

• $0 copay for virtual care (including therapy sessions) with Teladoc through September 30;

• COVID-19 treatment cost-sharing is also waived until September 30;

• COVID-19 testing and related screening is also covered without a member cost-share in accordance with applicable state and federal law.


• 到9月30日,與Teladoc的虛擬護理(包括治療課程)共付額為$ 0;

• COVID-19治療費用分攤也將免除,直到9月30日。

• 根據適用的州和聯邦法律,COVID-19測試和相關的篩檢都將涵蓋在保險內,且不用分攤會員費用。


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