Financial Wellness: the new must-have employee benefit

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Financial Wellness: the new must-have employee benefit


Due to this pandemic, the economic downturn, and the Arecession, the number one priority for employee benefits must be ensuring a good financial wellness program.由於目前的新型冠狀病毒疫情,經濟下滑和衰退,員工福利的首要目標是確保良好的健康財務計劃。

Antidote for financial stress


A 2019 PwC study found that 59% of employees are more stressed out about their financial situation than any other single issue. Thirty-five percent of employees say financial stress impacts their ability to do their job. For employees, though, financial wellness is a must-have. The desire for long-term financial wellness is one of the key reasons people show up for work each day. Financial wellness programs are also an antidote to the financial stress employees feel each day, even more now during the pandemic. 2019年的一項研究發現,與其他任何一個問題相比,有59%的員工對於財務狀況的壓力最大。而百分之三十五的員工則表示,財務壓力會影響他們的工作能力。對於員工而言,健康財務是必不可少的。對想要維持長期財務狀況良好的渴望,是人們每天出現工作的關鍵原因之一。健康財務計劃可以消除員工每天所承受的財務壓力,甚至在疫情期間更是如此。

Why Financial Wellness Now


Financial wellness programs will ensure a stable future for employees — to feel safe whilst navigating to financial security. Ultimately, these programs enable employees to convert hard work into financial well-being. More importantly, they enable employees to take care of the future of their loved ones. What an opportunity for an employer to support their employees in this. Viewed in these terms, financial wellness is not just another benefit. It’s the focal point of personal financial management and wealth creation for your employees. 健康財務計劃將確保員工的未來穩定—同時讓員工對於財務狀況有相對的安全感。最終,這些計劃將能使員工把辛勤工作化成為財務健康動力。更重要的是,它們使員工能夠照顧好公司的未來。這將是雇主的一個良機,以此來支持自己的員工。從這些角度來看,財務健康計畫不僅是另一個員工福利,也是為員工提供個人財務管理和創造財富機會。

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