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Health Care Law & Your Tax Return

Health Care Law & Your Tax Return


"IF YOU…Had health care coverage for the entire year for yourself and everyone in your tax household.

THEN YOU…Will simply check the box on your individual income tax return on the line labeled ""Health care, individual responsibility"" to indicate full year coverage."


您需...於納稅申報單上勾選 ""Health Care Individual Responsibility"" 標示您有全年度的保險。"

IF YOU…Are claiming the premium tax credit and did not benefit from advance payments of the premium tax credit.

THEN YOU…Must file a tax return and IRS Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit (PTC) and claim the credit on the line labelled - Net premium tax credit.

若是您... 需申請保費稅收抵免,而未從預付保費款項中獲得抵免金。

您需...必須提交納稅申報表、IRS表格8962、保費稅收抵免-PTC,並在標記“Net Premium Tax Credit”的行上填寫抵免金額。

IF YOU...Received a Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement and did not receive advance payments of the credit.

THEN YOU...Will use the form to determine if you are eligible for the premium tax credit. Check the full-year coverage box on your tax return, if the form shows coverage for you and everyone in your family for the entire year. If there are months when you or your family members did not have coverage, determine if you qualify for an exemption or must make an individual shared responsibility payment


您需...使用此1095-A表格來確定您是否有資格獲得稅收抵免。如果此表格有顯示您和您家庭成員中每個人全年的承保範圍,請勾選納稅申報表上的“Health Care Individual Responsibility”。如果您或您的家庭成員曾有幾個月沒有承保,請確定您是否有資格獲得豁免或必須繳交所需費用。


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