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IRS Covid-19 - Flexible Spending Accounts

IRS Covid-19 - Flexible Spending Accounts

IRS 新型冠狀病毒 - FSA醫療帳戶

The Internal Revenue Service has come up with a partial fix to the mess of so-called “flexible” spending arrangements that let workers stash pre-tax money into special accounts for healthcare and child care. But the IRS rules are anything but flexible. Typically you choose how much money to put into these accounts from your paycheck in the fall, predicting what your expenses will be for the next calendar year, and then you take money out to cover eligible expenses, so you come out ahead taxwise. But the problem is that usually, the amount is just a guess. 國稅局已經部分解決了FSA醫療帳戶內,員工可以將稅前資金存入醫療保健和兒童保育,所謂的“靈活”支出安排的混亂局面。但是美國國稅局的規則幾乎沒有彈性。通常,您會從秋季的薪水中選擇要存入這些帳戶的金額,預測下一年的支出,然後拿出錢來支付符合條件的支出。但問題在於,通常情況下,這只是一個猜測。

Guessing is not an option anymore.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it became very clear the there is no way to predict what will be your medical expenses. You can sign up anew, revoke or change how much pre-tax money you’re stashing in workplace savings accounts for healthcare and child care, according to the IRS announcement. But t’s up to employers to decide whether to allow these changes, but most should as they’ve been implementing other COVID-19 employee benefits reliefs. 由於新型冠狀病毒疫情,因此您並無法​​預測您的醫療費用。根據美國國稅局的公告,您可以重新註冊,撤銷或更改要存入公司儲蓄帳戶的稅前資金,此可用於醫療保健和兒童保育。但是,將由雇主決定是否允許這些更改,但大多數雇主會允許,因為他們同時也在進行其他員工福利措施。

Here are the major changes allowed:


1- Make a new election for employer-sponsored health coverage on a prospective basis if you initially declined coverage;

2- Make changes to your health coverage (for example, change from individual to family coverage, or change from one type of plan to another);

3 - Revoke coverage on a prospective basis, if you confirm in writing that you’ll get coverage elsewhere;

4 - Revoke an election, make a new election, or decrease or increase an existing election regarding a healthcare FSA on a prospective basis;

5 - Revoke an election, make a new election, or decrease or increase an existing election regarding a dependent care account on a prospective basis.






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